Practice Areas




Contract Law

Negotiation And Legal Documentation Of Commercial Contracts; Research And Due Diligence On International Trade Contracts; Enforcement Of Contractual Rights, Both Internationally And Domestically Through Investigation, Research, Negotiation, Arbitration And Litigation.


Banking & Securities Law

International And Domestic Commercial Credit Facilitation, Negotiation And Documentation; Issuance Of Public Corporate Stock And Corporate Bonds; Letter Of Credit Financing; Lease Financing, Commercial And Trade Financing.


Property Law

Real Estate Development; Real Estate Acquisition, Transfer, Leasing, And Mortgage Financing; Negotiation And Litigation Of Property Rights.


Construction Law

Consultation On Production Of Prospectus And Tender Documents; Negotiation And Documentation Of Construction Contracts; Qualification And Due Diligence Regarding Tender And Tender Documents.


Anti-dumping Law

Representation Of Domestic Enterprises In Foreign Anti-dumping Cases Including Investigation, Research, Negotiation, Litigation And Re-examination; Representation In Cases Of Anti-dumping Administrative Review Or Judicial Examination.


Trade Law

Consultation, Negotiation And Documentation Of International Trade Contracts; Representation Of Chinese Or Foreign Clients In Trade Litigations Or Arbitration, Either Domestic Or International, Including Investigation, Research, Negotiation, Mediation And Dispute Resolution, And Litigation.


Intellectual Property Law

Creation And Registration Of Patent, Copyright And Trademark Infringement; Licensing Of Patent, Copyright Or Trademark Use; Investigation, Research And Litigation Of Patent, Copyright Or Trademark Infringement; Technology Transfer.


Maritime Law

Negotiation And Documentation Of Bills Of Lading, Transportation Of Goods Contracts, Letters Of Credits, Etc.; Investigation, Research, Negotiation And Litigation Of Rights And Disputes Pertaining To Bills Of Lading, Transportation Of Goods, Charters, Damage To Goods, Delay, Marine Insurance, Damage At Sea, Maritime Rights And Other Maritime Related Issues.


Criminal Law

Defense The Suspected And The Accused; Appeals For Criminally Convicted Persons; Private Prosecutions As Crime Victim Agent.



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